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The Profile Ring

More exciting than a mood ring, more lasting than a promise ring, & way more personalized than the average wedding ring. 

Building off of the success of our Profile Collection Cufflinks, The Profile Ring brings the uniqueness of a loved one off your cuff and into your hands. Using a photo of their profile, we extract a silhouette & use it to design a ring that is 3D printed with details exclusive to them. Simple, elegant, & understated, the ring's outward appearance may look fairly typical, but upon a closer glance it reveals the unexpected surprise of their profile swept around your finger.

Crafted from the highest quality materials, the Profile Ring is an exciting, fresh, & elegant personalized ring. 


Bespoke Online?

We hear you. Custom designs online can be difficult. But don't sweat it, we're pros!

Just follow the 5 steps below to ensure your new ring is as dapper looking as you. 



Find the Profile Cufflink that is just right for you

Pick the ring material that is perfect for you & order it! 

Let us know your ring size! If you don't know it, measure the circumference of your finger with a string and tell us that.

Check your inbox & spam folders for an email detailing what to do next in case you forget this list.  We get it, the excitement makes it  hard to remember stuff. 

Grab your favorite camera & take a few pictures of your profile like the one of Toby here.


Email your snappy new pics to with your order number & name attached. Then sit back & grab a drink while we do the rest of the work.


Still unsure of how this works or even more confused than before? Email us your questions.

We'll get back to you in a flash!

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