Subtle Luxury

Luxury doesn't scream; it draws attention through its restraint. Luxury is refined, powerful in its simplicity & rich with understated nuances. Cffs is built on this philosophy.  We create elegant, modern cufflinks & accessories that speak through their form & excite with subtle, unexpected details. 


Digital Handicraft

We live in a digital world & our objects of desire should be a part of that world too. Each Cffs' design is digitally crafted & produced using state-of-the-art technology to provide an unmatched level of unique detail and intricacy.   


A Discerning Architect

Cffs was founded by award winning architect Michael Schur. Disappointed with the selection of modern men's accessories for his wedding, Michael set out to design his own cufflinks & pocket squares. The designs received incredibly positive feedback. Michael saw a space in the market & created Cffs to share his vision & passion for design.